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Fall / Winter 2019 Campaign

Re-imagining an Afrocentric future

Envisioning new futures, the Daily Paper FW19 collection draws inspiration from the aesthetics of Afrofuturism - taking elements which were once considered new and modern, but are now seen as an indicator of the past. Drawing upon its nostalgia, the collection celebrates a rich, shared history, whilst looking to the future; a celebration of our diverse and ever-evolving identities.

Through the lens of Afrofuturism, we celebrate the unknown. A quest to understand and celebrate our heritage, whilst pursuing innovation. Investigating and eliminating the notion of borders, this is a collection which deftly blends the past, the future, technology and liberation. It is here that our African heritage is fused with innovation.

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At present, we exist within a complex blend of the physical and digital. What counts as reality in an era in which online and offline have become concurrent? Through the FW19 collection, we have crafted a contemporary view of reality - a virtual experience influenced by cosmic energy, and a challenge to our existing beliefs of reality, technology and spirituality.

This influence is manifested through iconic pieces such as the Purple Reflective Gaduf Puffer Coat and Green Galsnake Hoody. T-shirt prints feature African artwork, magazine covers and Sci-Fi inspired, reimagined variations of the brand logo - a nod to the ethereal aesthetic of the collection.

The Daily Paper FW19 collection is out now and available at all Daily Paper stores, the online webshop and all leading global lifestyle retailers.

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